About PSL

PSL Chartered Professional Accountants (“PSL”) was launched when founder, Paul Sangha, identified a persistent need for high quality accounting and tax work, at rates which are aligned with the small- to medium-sized, owner-managed businesses that represent the majority of his clients. The result is an accessible and dynamic firm that responds to client needs with competence and efficiency.

Many of PSL’s staff have held senior roles at large and international accounting firms, most having served as partners or senior managers. PSL is committed to leveraging the experience and passion of staff to provide the highest level of service to all clients.

At PSL, we foster strong client relationships, in order to maximize our understanding of their goals and needs. Equipped with this knowledge, we provide high quality and personalized client solutions to support business growth and security.

Positioned in a smaller firm, PSL’s senior staff provides personalized attention while offering the full breadth of services that are offered by larger firms.